Q: What is the difference between goose down and duck down?

A: Obviously, goose down comes from a goose and duck down comes from a duck. Other than that, they are very similar. High quality down can be found with both geese and ducks. However, geese are usually larger birds and, therefore, have larger down clusters. The size of the down clusters is a factor of both the size of the bird and the climate. A bird living in a colder climate has larger down clusters than the same size bird living in a warmer climate. The larger the down clusters, the higher the fill power. The effectiveness of the down depends on the fill power (size of the down clusters), the quality (ratio of down to feathers), and the processing (cleaning).

Generally, duck down is less expensive because the supply is much greater than goose down. The down is a by-product of the meat and egg industry and there is a much greater demand for duck food products. From a marketing standpoint, goose down has a better image. Yet, a higher quality duck down can be better than a lower quality goose down.

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Classic Iron Beds & Designer Linens


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SFERRA Saxon Bed Linens

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Dea Linens featured at Classic Iron Beds & Designer Linens

Dea Linens featured at Classic Iron Beds & Designer Linens

Luxury Linens by Sferra, Yves Delorme, Matouk, Peacock Alley, Pine Cone Hill and Haute Home is featured at Classic Iron Beds & Designer Linens.http://www.classicironbeds.com/bed-ensembles-c-8.html We are proud to announce that we are also showcasing Dea Linens from Italy at Classic Iron Beds & Designer Linens in Ormond Beach, Florida. Dea is well known for there hand embroidered Linens and fabulous colors.

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Every Iron and Brass Bed is hand crafted right here in the USA by Brass Beds of Virginia. Our Iron Beds and Brass Beds are authentic reproductions of the original iron and brass beds built at the turn of the century. Reproductions provide the same design of the original iron and brass beds, with the improvement of strength and durability through the availability of stronger materials.

Sleep on the Very Best, Classic Iron Beds & Designer Linens.

Visit us in Ormond Beach, Florida

Visit us in Ormond Beach, Florida

Classic Iron Beds & Designer Linens is a combination of Old World tradition, classic styling and contempory designs.  We  found the perfect showroom for our antique reproduction Iron Beds in Ormond Beach, Florida.http://www.classicironbeds.com/iron-beds-c-2.html  They are Custom, Hand Crafted Antique Reproduction Iron Beds with the Interlocking Iron Frame System.  Because of the Interlocking Iron Frame System the Iron Beds are guaranteed for two generations.  There made in the USA by Brass Beds of Virginia.   Our Iron Beds are truly works of art.  Perfect for any bedroom.  We make it your way.  Pick out the style, color, footboard and frame height. http://www.classicironbeds.com/page_2.html http://www.classicironbeds.com/page_3.htmlWe then deliver to you the bed of your dreams.

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